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February, 2001

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Thomas D. DaviesBruce Stark16 Feb 2001, 22:24392w3593
Re: Sumner linesPeter Smith20 Feb 2001, 17:59689w3612
Re: Sumner linesNigel Gardner19 Feb 2001, 09:481279w3611
Sumner LinesGordon Talge19 Feb 2001, 07:041534w3610
Re: Sumner linesGeorge Huxtable18 Feb 2001, 12:321754w3608
Sumner linesNigel Gardner18 Feb 2001, 10:411510w3606
Re: Sumner linesGeorge Huxtable18 Feb 2001, 00:082215w3599
Sumner linesPeter Smith17 Feb 2001, 22:13925w3595
Re: Speaking of the Moon..Aubrey O´Callaghan7 Feb 2001, 12:361612w3546
Re: Speaking of the Moon..Steven Wepster7 Feb 2001, 09:27670w3545
Re: Speaking of the Moon..Roger M. Derby7 Feb 2001, 05:091765w3544
Re: Speaking of the Moon..Bruce Stark7 Feb 2001, 05:08659w3540
Speaking of the Moon..Pierre Boucher7 Feb 2001, 04:201173w3538
Re: Searching navigational books (was Re: Sumner lines)Gordon Talge22 Feb 2001, 02:283123w3618
Searching navigational books (was Re: Sumner lines)George Huxtable21 Feb 2001, 19:421449w3613
Searching navigational books (was Re: Sumner lines)Richard B. Emerson21 Feb 2001, 16:15927w3614
Réponse : Searching navigational books (was Re: Sumner lines)Philip Ouvry21 Feb 2001, 20:42524w3616
Navigation on Earhart's flight....Russell Sher22 Feb 2001, 06:134219w3619
Re: moon visible by day...Jan Bruggeman7 Feb 2001, 14:381156w3548
Re: moon visible by day...Pierre Boucher7 Feb 2001, 04:072002w3537
Re: moon visible by day...Aubrey O´Callaghan6 Feb 2001, 12:011200w3526
Re: moon visible by day...Jan Bruggeman6 Feb 2001, 10:571813w3525
Moon visible by day...Russell Sher6 Feb 2001, 10:39590w3523
Re: Longitude BooksSteven Wepster16 Feb 2001, 11:231412w3587
Re: Longitude BooksJohn Kabel16 Feb 2001, 00:29961w3585
Re: Longitude BooksBruce Stark15 Feb 2001, 23:581562w3583
Re: Longitude BooksBill Murdoch15 Feb 2001, 23:04550w3579
Re: Longitude BooksGeorge Huxtable15 Feb 2001, 22:365940w3576
Longitude BooksRobert Block15 Feb 2001, 18:34740w3574
Re: Longitude Books (correcting my error)George Huxtable15 Feb 2001, 23:01889w3578
History of the International Date LineR.H. van Gent21 Feb 2001, 16:361894w3615
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Robert Taylor7 Feb 2001, 07:102904w3534
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Richard B. Langley6 Feb 2001, 16:591709w3532
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Andrés Ruiz6 Feb 2001, 12:59416w3530
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Richard B. Emerson6 Feb 2001, 12:39881w3528
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Dave Weilacher6 Feb 2001, 12:29603w3527
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Geoff Kuenning6 Feb 2001, 10:34947w3520
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Guillaume Lancelin6 Feb 2001, 10:182062w3518
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Richard B. Langley6 Feb 2001, 03:011571w3516
Re: Hi (WAS: Re: ping)Geoffrey Butt5 Feb 2001, 00:30795w3514
Re: ex-meridian sightsSteven Wepster16 Feb 2001, 11:563895w3588
Re: ex-meridian sightsNigel Gardner14 Feb 2001, 22:441111w3573
Re: ex-meridian sightsSteven Wepster12 Feb 2001, 15:13848w3562
Ex-meridian sightsRussell Sher12 Feb 2001, 13:511796w3560
Re: ex-meridian sights - further questionSteven Wepster14 Feb 2001, 14:131745w3569
Re: ex-meridian sights - further questionBarry Hudson14 Feb 2001, 04:262818w3565
Re: ex-meridian sights - further questionSteven Wepster13 Feb 2001, 14:131671w3564
Ex-meridian sights - further questionRussell Sher13 Feb 2001, 06:07881w3563
Re: ex-meridian sights -Pierre Boucher14 Feb 2001, 14:331836w3571
Ex-meridian sights -Russell Sher14 Feb 2001, 06:071286w3567
Re: ex-meridian problemBruce Stark17 Feb 2001, 22:54895w3597
Ex-meridian problemBruce Stark16 Feb 2001, 22:121120w3591
Re: Cotter's book againJohn Germain18 Feb 2001, 01:501503w3603
Re: Cotter's book againGordon Talge18 Feb 2001, 01:231137w3601
Re: Cotter's BookEvert Volkersz18 Feb 2001, 02:10465w3605
Re: Cotter's BookGordon Talge18 Feb 2001, 01:211166w3600
Re: cosine/haversine methodRon Pippin11 Feb 2001, 23:06983w3558
Re: cosine/haversine methodChuck Taylor11 Feb 2001, 18:06622w3557
Re: cosine/haversine methodGennaro Sammarco11 Feb 2001, 10:21263w3555
Re: cosine/haversine methodChuck Taylor11 Feb 2001, 05:48957w3553
Re: cosine/haversine methodCarl Herzog9 Feb 2001, 16:031875w3550
Cosine/haversine methodRussell Sher9 Feb 2001, 10:14518w3549
Amer Practical Navigator PDF online cluesPatrick McVey7 Feb 2001, 07:47886w3536
Re: ABC TablesBruce Stark9 Feb 2001, 18:19428w3552

Index includes 64 messages.


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